At The Liminal PlaygroundTM, you will lay down your armor to playfully connect with your inner knowing,
supporting you to lead an easeful, magical, and abundant life.

Hey Energy Alchemist!* 

*Psst… Don’t call yourself an energy alchemist? Okay, I hear that. Most of us don’t yet know what’s waiting inside of us, because we’ve been conditioned to fit in to survive. What did/do you feel in your body when you read that phrase (energy alchemist)? Does it make you sweat? Do you feel excited? Did it feel like a punch in the gut? If you experienced any sort of reaction, then you’re in the right place. This is your invitation to keep reading!

Do you feel like you’re giving it your all (and doing it all) but you’re just not seeing the results?

Are you giving away too much of your resources, time, and energy, leaving you feeling drained and overwhelmed?

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you’re just going through the motions or wondering what it’s really all about?

Have you found yourself regularly feeling angry, bored, listless, anxious, and/or disenchanted?

What does Liminal mean?

We define Liminal as the space in between – no longer what was, but not yet what will be. It’s a transitional or initiating stage of a process. A position at or on both sides of a threshold.

How Does It Relate to You?

When we’ve hit a block or come up against resistance, it usually means we’re at a time of needing something to change. For that change to occur, we must step into the liminal – the unknown – to allow space for what’s new to come through.

At The Liminal Playground, we believe:

We are all sovereign, magical beings.

Easeful living is an outcome of trusting your natural cycles.

Freedom and authenticity are pillars for collective abundance.

Through intentional energy alchemy, we can change the world.

As a player at The Liminal Playground, you will:

Empower yourself and others through intentional energy alchemy.

  • Build skills and learn tools to connect with creative flow
  • View resistance through playful and creative lenses
  • Nurture relationships with like-minded magical changemakers

Trust your inner knowing to guide you with ease.

  • Stand true in your knowing and honor your gifts
  • Build relationship with being in the liminal
  • Integrate simple rituals into everyday life to strengthen your connection to your inner knowing

Exchange your energy where it feels alive.

  • Experience foundational excitement about living your life
  • Lean into cycles, trusting when it’s time to let go and start anew
  • Share your magic where it is received and valued

Freely live a playful, magical, and abundant life!

Wondering how to begin?

Take the “What LiminalTM Being Are You?” quiz to receive:

Your liminal being archetype profile

created to help you better understand your intuition style and how you move through life and business

Follow up journal prompts

curated to support deeper reflection on your archetype

Instructions and guidance for a nourishing ritual

designed to further ground your connection to your archetype

About Stevie

Stevie Caldarola is an energy alchemist, liminal guide, and intuition coach. She an integrative wellness coach, herbalist (Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism), and has studied with Sourced.

Stevie’s journey to collective abundance began well before she was aware this was her calling. At a very young age, she developed chronic illness, and was often labelled as sensitive or misdiagnosed when she would try to find healing with Western medicine. After years and years of searching to find answers, Stevie learned that she had been fighting mycotoxin illness for decades. This diagnoses came about after Stevie had intuitively discovered herbalism and developed a fascination with the healing capacity of the fungi queendom. All along, the fungi were doing exactly what Stevie believed they are here to do – teaching her something below the surface.

After a long period of pushing through chronic fatigue, brain fog, and other debilitating symptoms, Stevie started to lose the ability to communicate. The mold in her body were pulling out so much energy that she was literally shutting down. This was mirroring her tendencies towards overwork, undervaluing her worth, and burnout. Shortly into treatment, Stevie regained her ability to communicate. From there, she developed a deep relationship with her intuition, guiding her to see that the universe is a sum of energetic exchanges. And, that we are all inherently equipped to choose with what energies we’ll exchange with, and how we interact in those exchanges. This is the true currency of the world – money is the agreed-upon standard for which we measure this currency.

It’s even in the name – current = currency.

Through this guidance, Stevie has developed tools that allow her to hold space for her clients to play with their intuition, getting clear on where it feels alive for their energy to be intentionally exchanged, and offer support for making decisions and taking actions towards those exchanges.

When you exchange your energy for what feels alive, you’re calling in your own unique recipe for abundance. In doing so, you’re leading the way towards collective abundance – an abundance that comes from connection and aligned value exchange. 

This is the way of the future. Are you ready to help lead us there?

“[Working with Stevie]...I have been able to move through my transition easier and create my business in a way that supports my ideals and values. I was feeling a bit uneasy and unsure of how I wanted to manage things. Now looking at what I have made, I see the tangible results of making it conducive to what is right for me."

– Michelle Going

“Change and growth are such cataclysmic experiences. With so much going on, not just in my inner work but in the world, I felt like I needed help getting through releasing... Stevie puts such love and intention into all of her products!"

– @idontbelieveintarottarot

"My expectations were met, and then some! The tapping video, shaking exercise and ideas to journal about helped so much. I have been using them regularly and it was so nice to reconnect to things that I enjoyed doing that I had forgotten about. I left each session feeling like I had a better handle on the direction my life was heading."

– Michelle Going

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