Welcome to
The Liminal Playground

Hey radical leader… Come play with us!

At The Liminal Playground, we uncover how to playfully connect to intuition & flow,
supporting you to live your magical dream life!

On playdates with our intuition, we begin to discover our natural flow cycles and lean into magical practices to support ease and flow in our everyday lives. We dance with the shadows knowing that everything is cyclical, and from the stillness and the ashes, new space has been made to create a new way of leadership and being.

Want to get started?

Take the “What Liminal Being Are You” quiz to receive

  • your liminal being archetype profile, which will help you better understand your intuition style and what stage in the flow cycle you’re currently experiencing
  • follow-up journal prompts to support deeper reflection on your archetype
  • instructions and guidance for a nourishing ritual designed to further ground your connection to your archetype

What does “liminal” mean? 

We define liminal as the space in between – no longer what was, but not yet what will be. It’s a transitional or initiating stage of a process. A position at or on both sides of a threshold.

At The Liminal Playground, we believe:

  • We are all sovereign, magical beings.
  • Freedom & authenticity are pillars for creative flow.
  • We’re not here to be “right”. Life is playful.
  • Through playful & connected experimentation, we can change the world.

As a player at The Liminal Playground, you will:

  • Freely live a playful, authentic, & creative life.
  • Trust your inner knowing to guide you with ease.
  • Take back your power as a magical being.
  • Create change & innovate through connection.

Committed to Connection with Your Intuition and Flow?

Schedule a call with me to discuss how I can support your journey with a one-on-one coaching program.


Have a question? Send us a note and we’ll get back to you. Let us know your favorite way to play!

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